Speaker Inquiry Form 

Hi, this is Karan! 

Thank you so very much for the honor of considering me as a speaker or facilitator for your upcoming event.  I have four areas of specialty on which I love to speak:

  1. LEADERSHIP EXECUTION & DEVELOPMENT:  The insights from my research of over 10K individuals, which pinpointed the Top 7 leadership tactics mastered by the world's highest achieving leaders
  2. THE HR INDUSTRY & THE WORLD OF WORK:  Megatrends occurring in HR and/or the workplace, with a focus on People strategy, organizational effectiveness, and optimizing workforces to do their best work. 
  3. TRANSFORMING YOUR PERSONAL BRAND INTO A LEADERSHIP BRAND:  Based on my research, I share the true path to becoming renowned in your profession or industry . . . and why it even matters!
  4. ENTREPRNEURISM & THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT LEADING YOUR BUSINESS:  I share my story around founding, leading and scaling my ventures and provide tips that few others share.

Please complete the form below to begin our conversation.  Looking forward to collaborating with you!


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